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10 Ideas for Marketing Dealership

imagesMarketing your business has dependably been solely about getting your product to right people. It is about getting as many potential customers as possible to view your products.  Car dealerships that need to stay significant and noticeable to today’s car shopper need to see how the digital revolution affects shopping choices. It used to be that a dealership’s area, curb appeal, and offline reputation were sufficient to attract customers and drive sales. However, nowadays, digital media is used to drive in more sales. Here are our main ten tips for marketing you dealership. Read on for our best strategies and, obviously, dependably don’t hesitate to share your tips and thoughts in the remark.

  1. Drive a parade of branded cars around your town

Harmonize 5-10 branded automobiles to drive around the neighborhood of your dealership.

  1. Offer a free shuttle at event

At a large occasion, where parking could be far away from the venue, give complimentary service to take people from the parking set for the event in branded vehicles

  1. Give basic auto maintenance lessons at the dealership

You can plan to host them on a monthly basis and give discounts of up to $1000 to anyone who buys a car on that day.

  1. “Find the car” game

You can also hold a 12-week contest. Get people to tweet about the location of a specific branded car that may be hidden somewhere near your dealership weekly. The first person who tweets your location enters into a contest for winning the car.

  1. “Car of the day” tweets

Send a tweet everyday concerning a car that is on offer. Direct them to a blog with all the specifications of the car in question and include the contact information.

  1. Offer a referral program

Come up with a very good program where previous customers are given free maintenance services where their friends will buy a car. This will help a great deal

  1. Film testimonial videos

Make a production of an online video series of how the cars which were bought by the customers are used. Identify any interesting stories which engender positive brand association for example the non-profits, construction companies, moms of big families and so and so forth.

  1. Send special event invitations to people in the neighborhood

Throw a party monthly with good drinks, food, etc. this should be only open to those who will get the privilege of being invited. The exclusivity of the event will make those in attendance to feel really special. Make a follow up with some exclusive offers only at a particular event.

  1. Free “new parents survival” pack

Offer various packages of gifts for the various buyers based on life stages. For instance: stroller car seat, 7-month supply of diapers.

  1. Buy 1, get the 2nd half off

Run a promotion whereby when a customer buys one new car, they can get a second used at half the marked price.

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