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4 Elements of Modern Web Design

shutterstock_269301599In the very earliest days of the World Wide Web, it was generally sufficient to just simply post static information on a website and the visitor would be – mostly – satisfied. Over the last two decades, however, increased competition for visitors has seen web design become increasingly more sophisticated. This trend continues to the very day. Here are just four elements of modern web design elements found on the most successful websites:

Oversized Typography – Many companies go to great lengths to have a unique typeface created for themselves. The idea is that this typography will become regularly associated with their company – think the New Yorker or Google. To heighten the effect, companies will also use the type face in an over-sized format and in unusual presentations.

Semi-flat design – originally championed by Apple and now the de facto standard for any cutting edge website, semi-flat design eliminates shadows and any other visual cues that make the page look three dimensional. The benefits include easier comprehensibility for the user and faster load times – always a bonus especially on mobile devices.

Large product images – Anyone who has seen the magnified images on the Amazon site are familiar with how helpful these enhanced images are. In the same vein, large images allow designers to highlight different features of a product in a more efficient and effective way. For instance, numbers or text can be added to the image with links to the relevant additional information.

Simple card design – The advent of Pinterest has seen a significant rise in interest – by both designers and consumers – for this type of the card website element. Encapsulating a wealth of information in a single image keeps the home page easy to understand while will providing easy navigational aids to get to the most relevant information.

Background videos – Combining sound plus video and essentially feeding the information to your visitors, videos are perfect for immediately capturing – and engaging! – the attention of visitors who are not inclined to do a lot of reading. In addition, videos can relate the most relevant benefits of a product or service far faster then text.

For more detailed information on the best elements to include in your new or upgraded web development project, please contact us at Dealership Marketing Gurus. We can be found online at http://www.dealershipmarketinggurus.com