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A Common Internet Marketing Dilemma – SEO Versus PPC

images-4Deciding what type of internet marketing campaign to use is a difficult choice to make. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been gaining ground steadily for much of the last decade. However, Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing still has a strong hold on the internet as well. So how do the two internet marketing strategies stack up against one another?

Short Term Results

In terms of seeing immediate results, PPC internet marketing takes first place. This is because PPC links are activated the second you turn them on, and will be visible to anyone searching for a relevant keyword. These sponsored links are up front and at the top of the list so they are likely to start seeing traffic immediately, which means you will start seeing immediate returns. In addition, almost half of all people who click on PPC links are more likely to make a purchase than if they clicked on an organic link. By contrast, SEO sites take time to build up traffic and validation as a reliable source. It can take months for an SEO site to rank high enough to start seeing regular visits.

Long Term Results

SEO does tend to win out over PPC in long term results. This is because SEO sites gain followers and get credited as trustworthy sources of information. As they gain trust, more and more people will be drawn to the site and it will continue to move up in rankings without any further financial investment. This is a huge asset since many PPC sites immediately stop earning as soon as the company stops paying for their coveted placement at the top of the list. In this way, SEO sites are able to stand on their own merits long term. Plus, there is plenty of evidence that PPC ads get tuned out by many people as “ad blindness” after they have seen the same thing over and over. Since SEO sites provide valuable information and are updated with blogs and new keywords, they are likely to have more repeat visitors and new conversions.


The biggest difference between SEO and PPC internet marketing may come down to budget. For companies who have a healthy advertising budget, it may be feasible to keep up with a PPC ad for a long enough time to build a solid name and client base. However, if the money is going to run out before the client base is established, then it may be a big waste of time. SEO offers a low cost option that depends more on effective keyword choice and good strategy to accomplish better results in the end.

Ultimately, SEO and PPC marketing are two unique strategies that serve businesses with different types of marketing goals. PPC is clearly the winner when short term results need to be achieved, but SEO has become the more dependable option for those willing to work towards a long-term plan.