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A Short Introduction to Automotive and Car Dealership SEO

shutterstock_202075426If you are looking to expand your regional marketing presence beyond the traditional TV spot, creating a beautiful, fully functioning website is a must. However, simply having a website up and running is just the beginning. A decade ago, you could have tossed up any old website and received a good amount of traffic. Now, search engines like Google and Bing will burry you pages from the top result simply because the site is not properly designed or following important SEO requirements. Short for search engine optimization, you need to follow some of these car dealership SEO aspects to make sure your introduction to SEO is both enlightening and profitable.

Keep it Streamlined

Maybe you have fallen into this trap before, or maybe you’ve simply sat by while other car dealerships follow through with it. Pushing too much information at once is a headache for the eyes, makes it difficult to focus on anything and really puts across an unprofessional vibe. It is also a death sentence for your website. Not only will visitors to your website find it distracting and hard to find anything worth wild, but search engines will dock your car dealership SEO as it takes longer to load, is difficult to crawl and scan and doesn’t have quality content.

This is where you need to take a chapter from the car manufacturer’s website. Visit the Ford, Chevy, Toyota or other page and check it out (it doesn’t need to be the same brand you sell). The website is clean, without bogging you down with initial information. There are clear categories, like “Cars,” “Crossovers,” “Trucks and SUVs.” It points out exactly the information someone might want and then goes into more info once you select a specific make and model. You can use this design as a blueprint for your own website design and SEO.

Location is Essential

You not only want to boost your SEO but your localized SEO. As a car dealership you have a very specific target area. To make sure your dealership is at the top of vehicle searches made in your target area you need to follow a few tips. First, make sure your business address is listed on the website. You can have it placed in the footer of ever page and even offer directions on an individual page. In your landing page’s call to action, include the garget area. Also, make sure to connect with Google, Bing and other search engines and notify them of your business and business address. This is free to do and goes a long way in boosting localized SEO.

Link Pages and Dealerships

When building car dealership SEO, links matter. If you own multiple dealerships, make sure to have links to these different pages. It helps customers out when finding the right vehicle and it can also help you receive maintain Internet traffic. Plus, search engines like quality back links, and as a profitable, major business in the area, it can help your auto SEO.