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A Short Introduction to Automotive and Car Dealership SEO

images-3Search engine optimization – SEO – plays an integral role in the achievement of online success for both automotive repair and car dealership businesses. If you have interests in one or both ventures, it is important that you understand how automotive and car dealership SEO approaches work.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization refers to the process used to achieve higher ranking on leading search engines. SEO service providers usually aim for first page ranking as well as top ten listings. Basic SEO strategies make use of article creation, keyword search and back linking.

Keyword research encompasses finding of terms or phrases used to search the Internet. The phrases are normally related to the product or service that a web user wants. For example, a web user may be looking for clothing shop in New York City. It is most likely that this user will type in those exact words when searching for listings. The keyword experts working in SEO companies must anticipate these keyword phrases and determine how they fit with their firm’s customers. They can supply phrases like “clothes store NYC,” “clothing shop in NY,” etc.

After the list of keywords, there are writers and editors. Writers utilize the keywords on blogs, articles, among other contents while observing word count and keyword density. Word count and keyword density varies with SEO companies. Editors, on the other hand, edit and proofread the contents before sending them to a submissions team, which in turn upload them on various article directories.

Back link building integrates some writing skills with identifying high page rank or PR site. SEO experts are required to make relevant commentaries on the PR websites. They include keywords and seed them with customer’s links so the customer’s website gains rankings.

Car Dealership and Automotive SEO

The SEO process works for car dealerships and automotive, just the same way it works for the other businesses like clothing stores. When done properly, SEO delivers increased sales to these businesses too. Nonetheless, some automotive and car dealership SEO companies will employ different Internet marketing strategies.

What Should a Car Dealership or Automotive SEO Service Provider Deliver?

An automotive or car dealership SEO firm focuses on providing higher web rankings. With this visibility, a company is able to attract more customers while maintaining better positions. Prospective customers can visit the site more, increasing web traffic. They cannot only make inquiries, but also schedule orders as they deem fit. With time, this can translate to referrals if the users find the products and services consistent.


Search engine optimization is the single most excellent way in which your car dealer website can increase traffic. When automotive and car dealership sites are search engine optimized properly, your auto dealership site will rank at the top of a search engine results page when web user’s search for phrases related to your automotive and car dealership business.