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Audience Insights – A New Upgrade for Twitter Analytics

imgres-1In recent years, Twitter has not only grown as a popular social media platform, but has also become one of the most effective channels for social media marketing. When you want to focus on digital marketing, you can’t overlook the importance of Twitter. Like other social media platforms, even Twitter has been making constant updates to make sure audience remains engaged and business owners receive numerous benefits.

Recently, Twitter launched a major upgrade to refine its analytics tool. It will help marketers get a better idea about their target audience’s needs and requirements. With this tool, online marketers will be able to obtain more information about target audiences on their social communications network.

The new upgrade is called Audience Insights. This new features focuses on demographics, lifestyle, interests, television viewing preferences, consumer purchasing power, device usage and mobile carrier. Twitter constantly matches its data with important consumer information from its renowned marketing platform partners, such as Datalogix.

The information is properly aggregated to protect user privacy. It’s currently available for Twitter users in the United States. According to Twitter, it’s planning to roll out this upgrade in more countries in the coming months. The company believes that the enhanced analytics will help a lot of brands improve their organic and paid marketing strategies on Twitter.

Twitter experts also believe that the upgrade will be quite beneficial for online advertisers. They will be able to understand the needs and requirements of users in a much better manner, and develop appropriate strategies to notice positive results.

Twitter users in the United States can already see the new insights dashboard. Some of the categories in the dashboard include gender, household income, occupation, home type, net worth, marital status, home value, consumer buying styles, education, natural living vs weight conscious vs premium brand, type of credit card, favorite television genre, consumer good preferences and more.

It is worth mentioning that the dashboard also allows comparisons of an online marketer’s organic audience or followers to the complete Twitter audience. This new dashboard is available to all advertisers and marketers on Twitters. It’s also available to users of Twitter analytics. The dashboard is accessible to only signed-in users.

The upgrade will offer numerous benefits to marketers and advertisers on Twitter. For instance, when you’re running a marketing campaign to increase your awareness about a new product line, this tool can be used to learn a lot more about potential customers on Twitter. You can get to know similar products your users purchase, fashions trends that keep them interested and television viewing behavior.

On the basis of this information, you can easily identify the best categories to target your audience within Twitter advertisements. You can build campaigns that your audience find most compelling. In fact, you can also seek help from digital marketing agencies. Most agencies focus on key aspects of social media to attract more potential customers, and retain existing ones. This tool will just act as a catalyst to your efforts, and help you build a customized campaign toward your target audience.