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Excellent Tips to Achieve Good Local SEO Search Results

seo-758264__180What is the main goal of any webmaster? To rank at the very top of search engine results for relevant keywords and maintaining visibility over the long term. However, it is not an easy job. In fact, when someone adds multiple locations into the mix, your complications are compounded. Fortunately, there are some simple tips one can use to achieve positive results.


Keyword research and usage lays the foundation for search engine optimization. In order to achieve positive results, one needs to search relevant, unique and interesting keyword, including  primary keywords and secondary keywords.

Keyword Mapping & META

Once one has chosen relevant keywords, he needs to put them to good use. One might notice that some keywords can be grouped together to form different categories. The website should have a specific page for every category. There is no need to build numerous web pages. One just needs to focus on the most important aspects of the business.


This is a relatively new technique for local marketing. One can use SCHEMA html code to market your business. It is also referred to as microformat or structured data. It is used to better classify and identify some important information on the website to major search engines, such as contact info and location.


Unfortunately, this area of most websites is underused. However, it holds high SEO and usability value. In case there’s excess html code in your website’s header, you can move the same down at the footer. This reduces the amount of html coding, which major search engines need to read to load the page. Due to this, your web page is able to load faster. It’s worth mentioning that page load speed also affects website ranking.

Blogging & Social Media

Social media and blogging are extremely important to optimize your website. It’s necessary to create fresh and relevant content for the website on a regular basis. A lot of small business organizations start publishing content on the website, but do not focus on updating it often. When one wants positive results from your optimization efforts, he should update the blogs and share them on social media.

Business NAP Consistency

This is perhaps the biggest change in the last few years. Major search engines have taken into account correct and properly formatted business contact information. One needs to make sure your contact information on the website is correct. Any reference to the business name, address, website and phone number is considered to be a business citation. Accuracy makes sure your website gets a higher ranking than websites that don’t update contact information properly.

Link Building Via Business Citation Building

Last but not the least, one needs to build high quality links via business citations. For instance, one can encourage customers to post some good reviews about your business on authority review websites like Yelp. This makes sure search engines recognize the business, and give it preference over other business organizations.