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How to generate more traffic with dealership marketing

images-1Regardless if you’re a marketer or a dealer, there are good chances that at some point you felt like you invested a lot of money in content marketing and blogging without getting the results you expected.  You are not alone.  After working with many dealerships on their dealership marketing strategies, our experts have noticed many marketing executives making  the same mistakes over and over again. These blunders are severely impacting their chances of increasing ROI and there’s always the question of why they don’t correct them. Below you’ll find 4 foolproof ways that can help you greatly improve your blog and attract a lot more traffic so you can generate more leads.

  1. Quantity and quality are both essential

Probably one of the most common debates in marketing is whether one should go for quantity over quality or vice versa, but the truth is that these days you should go for both. Google ranks good quality content highly and it also welcomes as much as you have. We’ve always been that agency which practices what it preaches and decided to engage our team in the HubSpot 30-Day Blog Challenge. What they had to do was write an article and then post it on our blog every business day for the entire month of January and the results were very impressive. Compared to the same month of the previous year, traffic increased by 145 percent. Not only that, but the number of leads also increased by 165 percent compared to December.

  1. Put a new spin to old content

The truth is that posting content on your company’s blog is a good idea to improve traffic and get more leads, but your competitors are also doing it. So what can you do to stand out of the crowd? Well, a good way to attract more visitors is to put a new spin to old topics. People have always loved reading about topics they think they know very, only to be taken by surprises when they discover how intelligently the author managed to put a new twist to the topic.

On top of that, you can also look for topics that haven’t yet been covered. Where can you find inspiration for new topics? Well, how about you start at your existing customers and your dealership’s sales team?

  1. Don’t stop

While this is a good way of improving traffic and making more sales, unfortunately many companies follow this model only for a few weeks and then they just throw in the towel. They want instant results, but that’s not how it works when it comes to search engine optimization. Good things come to those who wait, so make sure you exercise patience as much as possible.

  1. Inform, guide and convert

On top of driving more traffic, you should also do what it takes to turn prospects into leads which you can then keep on marketing to in the future. Your blog needs to always inform readers and guide them to relevant info and finally try to convert them by offering a solution that meets their needs.

For more information on how your dealership can make the most of a digital marketing campaign, contact the experts at Dealership Marketing Gurus.