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Get The Most Out of Your Dealership Marketing Efforts

imagesBack in the day dealerships marketed their business through the traditional avenues of print and television. Today, the marketing of dealerships is taking a new direction for the digital age.  These  new methods fall under the term digital marketing and include SEO,  retargeting, Facebook ads, Pay Per Click campaigns and video pre-polls.

What do these forms of digital marketing have to offer dealerships?

They generate demand with users you can identify. Over a year ago, businesses discovered that there was a need to ‘fraternize’ with readers. The key now lays in knowing these readers better. Out of the four main methods of marketing, only third and first party leads are capable of producing client-specific data. Traditional mass media and paid digital media are not.

Third and first party leads are important when it comes to CRM and BDC.

Each of them has a role to play. However, to succeed with them, you need to lay out your priorities first:

  1. Use the database you have to cultivate interest among identifiable shoppers.
  1. Be creative and smart, exploiting new strategies to add new users to the list.
  1. Make it possible for new additions to come in by directing traffic your own way.
  1. Always create a breakaway brand that keeps you in every one’s conscious.

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