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How to Utilize Instagram and Twitter to Advertise Your Dealership

images-3Two totally separate and distinct social networks that often intersect at the whim of their users, utilizing Instagram and Twitter just may give your dealership the boost in revenue it needs.

First Thing’s First

If you don’t have accounts on either site, set one up now! Additionally, try to keep the same name and photos in the name of brand cohesion. Next, change your Instagram settings so that your account connects to and can post your posts to Twitter as well. After this, in the search box of each respective sites, type in #cars, #vehicles, and other related terms. Next, either “like”, “favorite”, and/or “repost” all the pictures and tweets you can find in relation to the car industry. This will likely attract quite a few new followers for your pages without having to do much else.

Paid Ad Services 

Both Instagram and Twitter offer paid ad services. Simply inquire about the pricing, set a budget, and stick to it! Thousands or millions will be exposed to your ad so be sure the wording and pictures are compelling.

Focus on Content

Other than the paid services, the next best way to promote your dealership is to post pictures of cars and satisfied customers as much as possible. Post about the new cars as soon as you get them in, post pictures to advertise sales, and/or post funny and/or informative memes and videos in order to attract more potential customers. Those who are either into cars or in the market to buy a car will likely find you based on the hashtags and phrases used in the posts. Also, you can always encourage “likes” and “shares” by doing some giveaways. For example, you could say something like “like/ share this photo to be entered in a drawing for…” or “like/ share this post and you could win a gift card to…”. This will gain you dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of shares and they will likely continue to share the post even after the contest or promotion has ended.

Overall, Instagram and Twitter are great sites to use for those who own a dealership. Just be sure to post about your best cars, products, and services, and watch how many new customers eager, willing customers begin to support/ promote your brand!

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