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Key Dealership SEO Tips to Boost Results

imgresA few months back, Google announced the launch of its latest algorithm called Hummingbird. Google updates always generate some curiosity among website owners. This time around, Google rolled out Hummingbird silently. With regular updates in search algorithms, webmasters need to adapt to important changes. In this post, we’ve discussed some effective dealership SEO tips to boost results regarding your SEO efforts.

Don’t Test the Game System

If Panda and Penguin did not help you learn anything about gaming the system, this new update will do the needful. Google’s primary objective is to improve the precision and quality of search results. Over time, algorithms tend to get better at understanding an internet user’s intent. Thus, Google starts serving results matching the intent. Hummingbird focuses on an improved capacity for understanding searches written in sentence form.

Engineers working in Google are able to accomplish such improvements with tons of tools and data. They use everything to analyze the data. It is not realistic to believe that an internet user can outsmart Google. You can only follow the company’s advice, and try to attract users with high quality content.

Use the Content You Have to Your Advantage

It is extremely important to keep a check on the quality of your content on a regular basis. You need to consider the kind of information your website offers, and the type of answers you provide. You need to analyze everything from a customer’s perspective. Most dealerships tell you the number of cars in a lot, and how to place orders.

With a proper understanding of your website’s content, dealership SEO becomes easier. You also get a chance to customize your SEO strategy to focus on attracting more customers to your website. This also makes sure that you resist the urge to target prospects searching for your competitors.

New Content Opportunities

Like everything else, the content quality also keeps changing. You should keep looking for more content opportunities suitable to your brand. You should use the blog to answer some questions, and provide customers with information about your dealership’s inventory.

User Experience is Important

Understanding the behavior of website visitors gives you a clear idea whether your content is failing or succeeding. You should analyze top exit pages, bounce rate, website metrics and other aspects of your website. Certain characteristics and patterns of website visitors help you take better steps to manage dealership SEO. You should use a high quality heat mapping software to understand how visitors interact with pages on your website.

Generate High Quality Leads

Last but not the least, it is important to understand that generating more traffic is less important than generating more leads. In order to generate higher profits, you need to make sure your website content generates high quality leads. In case you notice a decline in traffic on your website, you should consider some lead generation trends before panicking. Most webmasters notice that they get more form submissions from a very small base of organic traffic. In simple terms, it means you get high quality leads on the website, which is a very good thing.