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PPC Checklist for Businesses to Launch their Paid Search Campaign

images-1Paid Search Campaigns are a great way to advertise your business and get the flow of traffic to your website. If you have ever launched the Paid Search Campaign without going through the PPC checklist, then you probably know the effects. One can easily get up to 1,000,000 impressions at a rate of 0.8% CTR, that end up ruining your search.

You are never alone in this with most PPC managers forgetting the basic of Paid Search Campaign. Most PPC managers usually run to optimize the campaigns and perform an A/B test on call to action. They end up missing out on the primary options of their target. Their campaign is never balanced due to failure to counter check their campaign against the PPC list.

Checklist for a campaign targeting

1.The campaign should remain paused as one checks the setting three times before launch

2 Consider the type of campaign to run. Common campaign types are;

Display Networks only

Search Networks only

Search and Display Networks

Search Network with a Display

3. Check if your partners have more control over the search or if you did disable them

4. When does your campaign end?

Bids and Budgets

1. Are you using keywords on level sets, and if so do you have them set already

2. Are your bids adjusted for mobile at campaign or you have them at an Ad group level

3. Check if your budget suits your daily expenditure goals

4. If using the Ad group level, verify that the Default Max CPC has been set correctly

Ad targeting, Geo, and Device

1. Is your campaign aimed at reaching all devices?

2 Will you be rotating ads?

3. Consider the language for your target. The language be in English or a multi-language campaign

4. Are you performing a Geo-target campaign for specific areas? This can in The US as a whole or a specific state.

5. Who is your target?

Checklist for Extensions

1. Do have any site links that you plan to use?

2. Do you run any app extensions?

3. Is there need to have a business location extension for your company?

4. Are you planning to use call extensions or Google forwarding number?

5. Are there any social extensions for reviews?

6. Will you be doing consumer annotations for rating your business?

Click here for Google extensions and lists extension offerings here.

Checklist for Ads

Are your Ads driving traffic to relevant pages?
How do you track your keywords or Ad group ads?

Checklists for keywords

Have you performed Keyword research to reach broad audiences
One can easily get keyword sets from sources like Google’s predictive search, Amazon predictive search, eBay predictive search, and SEMrush.

Matching keywords

1. Best practices recommend one keyword on each Ad group, are you doing this?

2. Are you applying different keywords on different accounts and still hoping for same results?

Any negative Keywords

Negative keywords ill reduce the flow of traffic, do you have any?
Multiple keywords will help increase the flow of traffic to your site, are you using them?

The simple but very useful PPC checklists above will go a long way in making your Paid Search campaign very smoothly and fruitful.