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Relevance Of Online Video Marketing For Business

shutterstock_281912849Businesses that have been slow to adopt online videos may soon find themselves lagging behind their competitors in business too. The fact is that video has become the greatest gold rush of 2015 in online marketing since the website was first invented. It’s not that video did not exist in previous years, but it has not had the support and reach it has now. This is mostly due to the increase in mobile technologies and social media sites. With these two additional technologies in place, video marketing is poised to take over marketing for many years to come on the Internet.

Why Mobile Technologies Mean More Video Downloads

Video marketing is getting a gigantic boost with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Research conducted by Syndacast indicated that 69 percent of smartphone users believe video to be the perfect solution for viewing the overview of an online product. Once viewed, a video is persuasive enough to influence 64 percent of viewers to purchase a product, according to Adelie Studios. The majority of marketing professionals believes that video is the best marketing medium to generate conversions online now and in the future. So much so, that having a video on a landing page can increase the conversion rate by 80 percent, according to Adelie Studios.

The Role of Social Media with Video Marketing

Video captures more attention that text or still images alone. On sites like Facebook, viideos play automatically in silent mode and this helps marketers to capture attention simply through motion. Other social media sites like Twitter or YouTube are also heavily involved in video marketing and can help an Internet marketer expose their products and services to a wider audience, leading them back to their own site. In addition, video marketing engages an audience in a better fashion, leading to more shares, likes, and online comments which can increase the potential for a video to go viral.

The Audience for Video Is Changing and Increasing

The audience for video has evolved from pure entertainment seekers to information-gatherers. A Forbes Insight report indicates that 80 percent of executives admitted to watching more online video for the purpose of information gathering. Thus, even if your business is seeking to attract high-end professionals, don’t assume that they’re too busy to watch a video. In fact, the opposite is more true with video marketing. Far more information can be processed in less time with a video with the potential to also impact key decision makers in large organizations. Of those executives that watch video, 65 percent surveyed said that they would visit a vendor site afterwards. Thus, the potential for influencing a major purchase is higher with video than with text alone. The ability to reach otherwise hard to access executives is also much higher with video than with text, email, phone calls, or any other marketing medium.