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  • Keyword Research: With over a decade of online experience, our SEO team will utilize keyword research tools and Google’ Analytics, to determine your most effective keyword targets.
  • On-Page SEO: Containing over 100 SEO factors, our extensive checklist will ensure your dealership achieves maximum visibility, relevancy and search authority.
  • Off-Page SEO: Using a unique combination of ongoing link building, citation placement and dealership industry outreach strategies, we will enhance your online visibility, boosting and sustaining search rankings.
  • Content Marketing Strategy: Created with carefully curated content, every website we design is created to drive traffic you need to grow your customer base and business.
  • Analytics & Reporting: Every month, we use a combination of , Google Analytics & customized reporting to determine where your traffic is coming from, how visitors use your site,your most popular web pages and more!

Your Rankings Matter

What are the keywords that people type into search engines when they are looking for your business? Did you know 90% of consumers will never click past the first page of search results? Where does your business rank? That is the question that must be answered in order to create a SEO campaign that will successfully contribute to your dealership marketing efforts. Known for to quality search engine optimization service for the automotive industry, Dealership Marketing Gurus regularly gets their client’s ranked in top positions of search results for the most competitive keywords. Our SEO experts know exactly what it takes to drive new traffic and potential customers to your dealership website. Online marketing for the automotive industry grows more competitive each day, and unless your business ranks on the front page of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, your website will not easily become a source of potential revenue for your business.

our in-depth strategy brings results

Built on our comprehensive understanding of our client’s business goals, our car dealership SEO strategy is complexed. We are here to bring new customers to your dealership by conducting precise keyword research to determine your dealership website is focused on the most valuable keywords for your business. It is of no use to rank well for keywords that are not relevant to your customers, and that is exactly why careful keyword research and on-page search optimization are critical aspects of the Dealership Marketing Gurus Strategy. If your car dealership website has exceptional rankings for highly searched keywords that are relevant to your business, your opportunity to capture a larger audience increases significantly.

the importance of working with a reputable seo firm

All SEO methods are not created equally. The volume of digital marketing “professionals” that claim to offer SEO for car dealerships is growing each day. You, as a business owner, must be aware that many SEO companies make unfounded claims, and their services can even cause you to be penalized by Google search algorithms, devastating your search rankings. Many of these are single individuals with little experience, and they do not have the resources to provide business-level SEO to their clients. It is disappointing that the whole world of search engine optimization must actively defend itself against the negative side of SEO, but Dealership Marketing Gurus is working each day to prove the merits of optimized online marketing campaigns for dealership websites.

It is known that Google utilizes over 200 factors when determining the value of a website in search engine results pages. Although only a small number of Google programmers and engineers know all of these factors, as search marketing experts we are able to perform experiments and determine which aspects of website development and design are critical to search engine rankings. When you choose to build your dealer marketing campaigns with Dealership Marketing Gurus, our entire organization will be here to create results that will bring your business to the forefront of your industry.

a well-rounded approach to digital marketing

But you need to know, search engine optimization for car dealerships is not a short-term fix for your online marketing. SEO is a long-term marketing effort meant to generate lasting results. Consistent positive search rankings are crucial to the success of your dealer marketing campaigns, but they are not a standalone answer to your digital marketing questions. If you rank well, but have a poorly designed website, you will be left wondering why no one is taking the time to reach out to you online. There are several aspects of dealer marketing campaigns that work together to form the complete package of online marketing for the automotive industry. With Dealership Marketing Gurus, we have the tools and experience you need to ensure no facet of your online marketing campaign is left out.


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