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Which Social Platform Serves the Best Opportunities?

7563.Business-Social-MediaDoes your dealership have a review portal that focuses your marketing efforts? If yes, is it Google, Facebook, Yelp or DealerRater? Are you aware of the portal that works best towards your car dealership? Is the portal that your customers prefer to make use of is in line with your dealership advertising plans?

Mike Blumenthals recently organized a Google survey to examine where most of the Americans prefer to leave their reviews online. He is a local search expert and also specializes in Google Places. After the survey, he filtered out 77.8 percent of survey takers who reported that they hardly or never leave a review online. However, to the rest he asked a question – Which site do you prefer the most to leave a review online for a particular business? The answer to that question has been converted to percentage and is as follows:

Google – 32%

Yelp – 17.5%

Facebook – 20.6%

However, although the margin of error for both Facebook and Yelp seems to be shoulder to shoulder, it is evident that there lies a higher desire of the users to leave their reviews on Facebook over Yelp. The most interesting fact is that even though there are a higher number of reviews available on Facebook, it is not necessary that it should be called a review aggregator.

Even though users prefer to put up their online reviews on Facebook, unfortunately this social media does not emphasize on business reviews for small businesses like your Dealership. It does not even promote them. Rather, it could be a tough job to locate reviews on the business page on your Dealership. Then the question arises, what exactly is to be done?

Google, Facebook or Yelp?

First and foremost thing that your dealership should do is to focus on Google Reviews. Since they are still the undisputed leader and dominate others in the search engine market, they can provide the most vibe for your dealership advertising. Maintaining a healthy and consistent number of reviews flowing into your Google+ Local page will help your dealership get an enhanced chance of ranking high on the Google’s search page.

Nonetheless, you must not give up on Facebook Reviews. Since it is a well turned-out company, they will put more focus on business reviews sometime in the near future. As it is evident from the poll, it has become the second largest consumer review site. Therefore, it is just a matter of time that Facebook starts highlighting business reviews for different kind of businesses. So it is important that you stay ahead of others from beforehand. Since many customers and clients have already started laying their eyes on Facebook reviews and the number will certainly grow, you must provide some time and attempt to build positive reviews on your dealership, on Facebook.

However, if you have moved away from Yelp, you must be aware of the fact that the recent change in Google’s Pigeon has provided Yelp reviews much more clarity and visibility in Google. Nonetheless, it would be slyer for the long term to focus on constructing your dealership advertising and reviews on Google and Facebook. The reason behind this suggestion is that there is hardly any doubt about their consumer influence over the long term.