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  • Did you know, more than 1 billion online searches are conducted every day?
  • 85% of all online searches worldwide are conducted on Google, with the remaining 15% on smaller search engines like Bing,and Yahoo!.
  • 59% of US Residents use online search every day.
  • 90% of US Residents use it at least once a month.
  • 74% of online searches are local.
  • 82% of these local searchers follow up with a phone call or visit.

dealership marketing

are you found online?

Is it easy for your customers to find your dealership online? If not, your dealer marketing plan needs some attention, now! Whether you are a small dealership or a big player, successfully navigating the world of internet marketing is critical to the future of your business. No longer dominated by the traditional advertising methods of commercials and print advertising, the entire automotive industry is turning to digital marketing to reach customers where they are. Dealer marketing experts tout the useful analytics data, track-ability and potency, digital marketing provides. Composed of a team of web designers, search engine optimization experts, certified Adwords professionals, writers and consultants, at Dealership Marketing Gurus we are experienced in bringing the benefits of digital marketing to businesses nationwide. If your car dealership cannot be found online, we are prepared to methodically and precisely overhaul your online visibility and enhance your website to be a tool to promote your business.


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