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Tips for Using Video Marketing Effectively

shutterstock_321767825Taking advantage of video in your marketing campaign offers an excellent outreach opportunity for you and your company. When the videos are done professionally and properly, clients are more likely to respond to the video, not to mention it attracts visitors who wouldn’t typically stop to read a blog or a written post. However, how do you make sure your video marketing is done properly and effectively? You don’t want to waste your time on videos that don’t work. Ineffective videos can actually send visitors away from your site as well, so follow these tips and you should be good to go.

Timing is Everything

When creating your video, timing is very important. Your online video should run around two to three minutes each. People want information and they want it now. If the video is 10 minutes long, many visitors are not going to want to sit around and wait that long. If you have multiple topics you want to cover, simply break it up into several videos. This way, you can tag each video as an individual idea, bring in visitors for different videos and keep your audience engaged. Plus, if visitors like the first short video, they will stick around and check out other videos.

Right Away Right Now

There is a rule in movie making, something big and explosive needs to happen within the first 10 minutes. This is done to grab your attention and keep you entertained throughout the rest of the movie. The same is true with your online video, only you need to start with a bang. Sure, two to three minutes isn’t a long time, but if you don’t grab the attention of your viewer right away, they won’t stick around. The average attention span of Internet viewers is six seconds (to put this in perspective, the attention span of a gold fish is seven seconds). So grab your viewers attention in the first few seconds, otherwise they won’t watch the video all the way through.

Professional Audio and Video

Have you ever watched one of those webcam videos of someone sitting at their desk telling you how they made millions of dollars? Seems like someone who just made millions of dollars could afford a better camera and microphone. People don’t want to watch a poorly produced video. So, when creating your videos, you quality video equipment and, just as important, quality audio equipment. Clipping audio is undesirable to listen to and poor audio may cause viewers to turn it off. So, whether this means you pay for a professional service to produce the videos for you or you invest in your own equipment and attempt to create the videos on your own, you need to use quality equipment.

Settings Matter

Connected to the previous step, but take into account your surroundings. You want the background to be clean, so avoid clutter. A cluttered video reflects a cluttered company. All of this helps video marketing and boosts your video marketing visitor potential.