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Top 5 Most Successful Video Marketing Strategies and Tactics

shutterstock_287156096Businesses of all types are tapping into the power of video marketing for good reason. This form of advertising is extremely efficient in terms of cost and exposure. Video marketing almost always provides ample return on the initial investment. Furthermore, it reaches the masses who are much more inclined to watch a short video than read a lengthy block of text. Let’s take a look at the best video marketing strategies that will catapult your business directly into the spotlight and inspire viral shares that maximize customer engagement.



1. Videos That Evoke Emotion

People are certainly quick to share funny videos with their social circle yet they are also willing to share videos that evoke emotion. High-quality videos with elite production and a well-written script are much more likely to be shared than those that are comparatively simple. If the video inspires an emotional response from the audience, the viewers will be more likely to remember the video’s message and pass it on to friends / family. The bottom line is that evoking emotion is one of the best ways to get your business’s marketing video to go viral.

2. Feature Authority Figures to Inspire Consumer Trust

Videos with a dry monolog, boring visuals and little unique insight will not go viral or make any sort of meaningful inroads with potential customers. Some of the best marketing videos actually feature prominent individuals within the company. Consider how a prospective customer will react when seeing a video in which a low-level employee recites a scripted monolog in front of the camera. Such a video does not engage the audience in a memorable manner. On the contrary, a video featuring a person who holds authority or video displaying footage of the actual premises where services are rendered will go quite far in establishing a rapport with potential customers.

3. Video That Fits Into the Greater Marketing Plan

There is little point in investing your marketing dollars in video content if people won’t share it with others. A comprehensive marketing plan will ensure that your video marketing efforts are not in vain. Build a marketing plan with merit and you will find that your other advertising efforts reinforce your videos and vice versa.

4. A YouTube Channel is an Absolute Must

Well over one-half of the world’s top 100 brands embed YouTube videos on at least one of their web pages. Create a YouTube channel for your marketing videos and you will be able to embed those creations on your website as well as other sites on the world wide web. This is a critically important advantage that some businesses still overlook.

5. Video That Subtly Portrays Your Brand’s Image

There is a fine line between a highly promotional video and one that subtly presents important information about a brand. The most successful videos are centered on building a lasting impression of the business’s brand in the viewer’s mind. Your videos should ooze your brand’s style and merit without being overly promotional.