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Top Ten SEO Mistakes of Dealer Websites-Used Car Dealers

shutterstock_256875580There are many used car dealers out there with websites, but they just don’t realize how much potential they have in growing as a business. Many of them have zero success in bringing in business through their websites, and they still rely on the old ways of bringing in business. The reason why their websites aren’t bringing them business is that the websites contain mistakes. Any used car dealership with a website that wants to be successful by ranking in good business from the online market should steer clear of the ten SEO mistakes common with such businesses.

To educate used car dealership owners outlined below are the ten SEO mistakes that they should avoid.


1.    Having a busy-looking website

Websites that intend to generate traffic and conversions shouldn’t be too flashy and busy. There should be no flashy colors and busy images because that will only succeed in doing the opposite of what the intentions of the website are and that will drive away the visitors. The site should look simple, mobile friendly and professional without those flashy colors. A professional looking website is bound to keep visitors interested and earn the owner the much-needed conversions.

2.    Posting unoriginal content

As much as content is king, it is still possible to make a huge mistake with your content as most used car dealership sites do. Many of them copy content from other sites and post it on their own. They lack creativity and fail to realize that original content is a positive thing especially when it comes to optimization.

3.    Not showing sitemaps & links

It is crucial to include a sitemap on a used car dealership site to allow complete indexing of the site. Search engines will notice when you hide your sitemaps and links because they can see the content hidden and recognize that the page is about something else and not the image you are trying to project cleverly to your visitors.

4.    Wrong keyword choices

Keywords still count, and many such sites use the wrong keywords in their content. This results to fewer hits and very low or non-existent conversion rates. Wrong keywords also make most of the content irrelevant which in the end will make the website useless.

5.    A poor design

A website should be designed with the visitor or customer in mind. It should have a design that is not only appealing but also easy to navigate so as not to confuse the visitor. By just looking at a website, a visitor should know where to go, the content to access and what to do. A poorly designed website will just prompt the visitor to move on to other more accommodating websites which are many.

6.    Illegal redirections

Illegal redirections are just that, redirections that are illegal. Many used car dealership websites have been de-listed just because of this. So opting for such is a total no-no!

7.    Keyword stuffing

Some sites have gotten their keywords right, but they overuse them. This results to low quality content which makes the whole website irrelevant and in the end, it fails to attract the targeted market.

8.    A mal-formed URL

Of course, if the URL is wrongly formed it will not take the users where it should. This makes the site useless and its one sure way to fail as an online business.

9.    No regular content updates

Most site owners think that once the site is live, that is it. They fail to realize the importance of keeping their site up-to-date with fresh content and current news about the business. This makes the site inactive.

10.    No call to action

Most used car dealerships just put up a site with pictures of their cars, but they don’t tell their customers what is required of them.  They don’t direct them precisely to where they should buy, contact or subscribe. Many don’t even indicate those options and hence lose out on many potential sales.

The above SEO mistakes should be avoided at all costs by all used car dealership businesses with websites if they intend to get part of the huge online market share.