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Top Ten SEO Mistakes of Dealer Websites-Used Car Dealers …

images-3Many used car dealerships use their websites to advertise and let potential customers see what they have to offer. Other dealerships, however, do not have as much success with their websites. This is because there are mistakes in their sites. If you want your website to be successful, it is important to avoid making the top ten SEO mistakes.

Adding Too Much Flash to the Site

Most dealerships want a flashy site, because they believe it will attract more customers. While the appearance of the site is of some importance, the site’s content is much more important.

Duplicate Content

If you concentrate less on the flash or more on the content on your website, you can also make a huge mistake. The internet is filled with thousands of pages created by used car dealerships. You need to come up with completely original content for better optimization.

Hiding Sitemaps and Links

A sitemap should be included to be sure that the site will be completely indexed. Most SEO’s find sitemaps to be essential, however, they should never be hidden behind flash movies or using CSS. When you do this, search engines will see the hidden content, and thing that you are trying to trick it into thinking that the page is about something other than what the visitor’s will see.

Reliance on Meta Tags

In the early days of the internet, search engines used meta tags to figure out what was included in a website. Over time, and due to misuse, meta tags have become obsolete. Many dealer websites are still using meta tags, many of which are not relevant, making the much of the site’s content irrelevant as well.

Poor Keyword Choices

Many dealer websites make poor keyword choices. If the keywords are not targeted properly, they are useless. This would result in very high exit rates, wasted money, and wasted resources.

Design Flaws

If the site is not designed to the customer’s needs, they will often move on to another site, giving them their business instead. Most people using the internet want it to be as simple as possible. If you create a site that is difficult to use, visitors will move on to other dealer websites.

Lack of Analytics

If a dealership is losing a great deal of customers due to design mistakes, and they used poor analytics, the mistakes will not be tracked, and they will not know why customers are leaving their site.

Illegal Redirections

Illegal redirections are the backbone of spam. If you use illegal redirections on your site, you are at risk of being de-listed.

Confusing Web Address

If your web address has nothing to do with the automobile industry, customers may avoid clicking on it during an internet search.

Poorly Formed URL

If the URL is not properly formed, it will not take users to the proper destination. This can make your site useless.

Knowing what mistakes to avoid will help with your website’s traffic, as well as with your business.