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How To Use A Blog As Part Of Your Dealership Marketing

imagesThe Internet has revolutionized the marketing world, including the dealership industry. The competition landscape has drastically changed. For those who fail to adapt, they will be left in the dust.  One of the best tools right now is a blog.
Most people know what is a blog. However, blogs are usually done for personal reasons rather than business ones. This is why starting a blog for your dealership is an effective tools for marketing as it is still a fresh idea.
Your next question would probably “how do I properly start my dealership blog?”. Worry not as this article is to help you with that.
Problem Solver
Most people surf the internet because they are interested to find a solution to a specific problem. Therefore, aside from putting informational content on your blog, make an effort to put-up problem-solving content. Also, focus on the different problems that may come with the entire purchase process.
For example, have solutions for:
* Leasing VS. Financing – key differences and why would your customer choose this and not that.
* Warranty And Insurance – offers your customer their option. What your customers should be looking for and why.
* Offering “The One” – customers usually shop for a car with “The One” in their head. Seldom you can offer that specific car on the get-go. Let your customers know that you have different customizable options so they can get that car they wish for.
Aftermarket content
Most dealerships would end their marketing for a specific customer once the deal is closed. Take advantage of such mistake. Post content in your blog that is geared towards the aftermarket. For example, you can post various car care for specific seasons, DIY services, different tutorials and other fun advice. This will highly encourage your customers to keep coming back to your website. Ultimately, this will keep your dealership in the forefront of your customer’s mind.
* Post about how to care for your car during the winter.* Write about different cool accessories.* Create a tutorial content for truck owners on how to properly connect a receiver hitch.
Call To Action
Make sure that every content you post has a strong “Call To Action”. The action does not necessarily have to be a purchase, keeping your customers moving around your website should be a satisfactory goal.
Learn From Other Blogger’s Mistakes
You can accelerate your learning by pinpointing mistakes done by other people. Therefore, have a keen eye for other blog’s possible blunders. Below are few key slip-ups that are common in other people’s blog:
* Keep your blog updated. A visitor may take a look at your blog and find the content as outdated or non-existent. This can be frustrating and make your website appear “Lazy”.
* If you are doing Search Engine Optimization, make sure that you are not confusing your audience by targeting different locations. Avoid putting two location-based keyword in your post. If you must, make sure that it’s pointed out what area you are serving, and you have simply links to dealership in other locations.
* If your blog allows commenting. Make sure that is properly moderated to avoid spam. Also, make sure that your audience is able to actually post their comment.
Now that you have a better view on what to do and what to avoid with your dealership blog, then its time to add more post on your blog and keep it churning. Again, don’t forget to put problem-solving content, place aftermarket posts and avoid common blog pitfalls.

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