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Video Marketing: Is This The Way Forward?

 shutterstock_168027431Innovative Technology plays a huge role in today’s modern society especially when it comes to marketing. Radio, Television, and Magazines are still around, but Digital Marketing is the way to go. With so many mobile devices available such as laptops, tablets, smart phones, and smart watches; many people spend most of their time online. If you own a business or company; digital marketing is the way to go.

Video Marketing is a form of digital marketing that helps business owners solve issues with promoting their products and getting exposure. This style of marketing connects it’s audience with the products or services on a deeper level. More than half of the world’s population spends large amounts of time in cyber space and video marketing directly branches the two together.

Video Marketing Platforms

As with any marketing/advertising, getting your products and services out to the public is vital for staying afloat. You could be selling the best products on earth but if you don’t advertise it, now one will notice it. Tried and True campaigns such as television and radio can be very expensive, but since the majority of consumers are online; you’re marketing techniques have to change and evolve. Here are some of the top video marketing platforms of the 21st Century:

  • Facebook is one of the top markets for short video content. Since most commercials and ads are around one minute long; Facebook has the ability to reach a huge audience in a short time. Everybody is on Facebook and when combined with this target-specific platform; what and whoever you’re trying to reach can be archived. 67% of businesses are expected to increase their marketing in 2016 from this platform.
  • YouTube is probably the best social media platform for video content currently available. Any type of video can be found here no matter the lengths of the videos. YouTube is known for the (Vlog) meaning Video Blog and hosts videos such as how-to’s, instructional, sports, entertainment, work safe videos, blogs, comedy, and anything else you can imagine. Quality content is a great way to build your brand, but if you have a Facebook page; all of your friends, family, and business contacts can be converted to YouTube.
  • Podcasting is a style of digital media that consists of audio/video episodes of a series that’s streamed online to mobile devices and computers. Podcasting brings the web, audio, and portable media players together in a listen free environment.

A great video marketing campaign includes time and dedication. Understanding your niche and audience is vital so you’ll need to use services like (Google Analytics) to keep track of the demographics. Intimately knowing who’s viewing your content helps you deliver relevant material for your fan base and attracting new clients. In conclusion the answer is yes; video marketing is definitely the way to go for success during this digital revolution.