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Which Online Marketing Niche is Right for You?

imgresWhile car dealerships have long since invested in traditional print and television advertising, many are beginning to see the merits of digital marketing. However, because digital marketing now encompasses so many different facets of that you can take it can start to get confusing. The best way to utilize digital marketing avenues is to pick one or two methods that you can master and really make efficient use of.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make your online presence start working for your marketing needs. Most social networks will allow businesses to set up their social network page for free. The paid services that many of these social networks offer can help you to continue to promote your dealership website and promotional content for a fraction of traditional advertising costs.

The key to effective social media marketing is to make sure you keep content and feedback fresh and up to date.

Blog Marketing/Article Marketing

Using a blog on your dealership’s website is a great way to add important SEO rich content to your site, as well as offer relevant and helpful information to your customers or potential customers. In order for blog marketing to be effective you will need to have a good understanding of search engine optimization or have on hand someone who can create engaging, informative articles that also have an SEO edge to them. This will help drive search traffic to your site based on search keywords that possible clients are looking for.

It is important that any content you place on your company blog is 100% original. If you use spun articles are poorly written content your customers or potential customers will detect this right away not to mention that most search engines like Google will not give good rankings to websites that use non-original material.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still a very powerful tool that many car dealerships are utilizing in order to continue to drive sales. Email marketing, similar to blog/article marketing, requires that emails be filled with great, engaging and relevant content that will inspire readers to take action. You want customers and potential customers back at your website, and most importantly back to the car lot.

Email marketing is only effective if you first are effective at compiling a great email list. You can compile an email list in a number of ways. You can collect email addresses by offering give always that require email contact information for a drawing, or you can offer a free monthly email newsletter that your customers or potential customers would find helpful.

Email marketing is largely based on timing. If you flood your email recipients with too many emails each month they will grow weary of you and will unsubscribe to your email notifications. Respect your recipient’s Inbox and make sure that any information you send them is relevant and helpful.