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Why Responsive Web Design Is Essential For Your Business

shutterstock_209516089Have you ever visited a website that is not mobile device friendly? The pages are too big, the pictures don’t size properly, and it takes forever to load. If you have ever found such a site, then you have found a site that does not use responsive web design.

A responsive design will resize a website when viewed from different devices. It uses several elements, including fluid grids and flexible images to make this possible. It provides an optimal viewing and interaction experience, no matter what kind of device is used.

What Benefits Will Responsive Web Design Bring To Your Business?

  • Meeting visitors’ expectations. Your website visitors have much higher expectations than they did 5 or 10 years ago. They expect website designs which look and act in a smooth, effortless manner. A website that does not adjust for the device your visitors are using will detract from their opinion of your business.
  • Mobile devices are ruling the world. The days of being tied to a desktop or laptop for Internet viewing is long over. The population of tablets and smartphones on the planet is rapidly growing, soon to overtake the larger devices in sheer numbers. If you don’t have a website design that is friendly to mobile devices, your business will not survive.
  • Google is making mobile design a priority. The largest search engine company on the planet recognizes the importance of being mobile friendly when it comes to web design. They have adjusted their website rating criteria to favor designs which are mobile friendly, including responsive design.
  • More cost effective and efficient to have one site, rather than two. One solution many companies have tried in the past is having two websites: one for desktop/laptop viewing and one for mobile devices. The problem is that any updates have to happen on two sites, not one. The company needs to invest in two website designs, two sets of servers, two copies of all the necessary software, etc. New content must be posted on two sites, not one. This significantly increases the cost of building and maintaining the company’s web presence.
  • Provides flexibility for future technology. New devices are hitting the market every year. A responsive design allows your company the flexibility to reach those new devices, without investing in a new website every year. It makes it possible to reach the most people, no matter what type of device they are using to view your company’s website.

If your company’s website is not built with a responsive design, you need to make correcting that a top priority for 2016. If you don’t you may find your competition riding into the future without you.